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Santino: Dill, when we spoke last Sunday, we discussed dreams and dream interpretation. I think you had a lot of great insight into how your unconscious mind communicates with you through the dreams that you’re having. Can you provide more context?

Dill: Of course. Of course. I love dreams. So this is no sweat. Our brain is a computer that is always running. We can agree that there is no time in your life when your brain is not on and functioning.

If it’s not, you are brain dead. When we sleep that is the only time where our brain, our conscious brain turns off and gets some rest while the subconscious part of our brain, that 90% is still working.

Imagine. Your brain. Your subconscious brain is an accountant. He’s got two stacks of folders in front of them and he needs to do this. He processes these folders. Well, one stack is everything that he or she processed throughout the day. That is your brain putting a check on it and saying, “We’ve gone through this, we understand it, we processed it.”

Now on the other side, there’s a stack of folders that are sloppy. It’s messed up. This pile is everything in your life from your past. From the past week, from that very day. That is unprocessed. That could be traumas. That could be habitual patterns you have in your life, that could be serious traumatic events from childhood or adolescence. That could be the nasty conversation you have with a coworker where you bite your tongue and decided not to say anything even though you were offended.

Santino: Is there any extra significance in reoccurring dreams?

Dill: If you have a reoccurring dream, that is something you’re your subconscious is coming back to multiple nights trying to process.

You could have a dream one night. Where? You know, let’s say as a kid, you had a fear of water and it was due to someone pushing you when you weren’t ready.

Now, you could have a dream following down the line where your boss was trying to push you into a position or a project that you don’t think you’re ready for.

That following night may have a dream of someone trying to force you to drink a glass of water. Now you wake up and you think that dream is very literal. But that’s not how our subconscious works.

Subconscious works in symbols. It can only understand symbols. The only way it can communicate with you is through symbolism and metaphors. So, very simply put, that dream of someone forcing you to drink water while you’re already quenched. You’re resisting.

That feeling of avoidance, resistance, combativeness, defensiveness, that feeling of pressure, and someone forcing you to do this. Let’s look at the symbols. It’s a glass of water. Someone’s forcing you into something you don’t think you’re ready for, but you’re capable of.

Now, when you wake up, you understand the patterns of your dreams. Your subconscious is trying to talk to you and communicate with you. Do you understand? Your subconscious is trying to tell you, Wow, yesterday somebody was trying to push you into something and it made you defensive.

But I think you’re ready for this. So what does it do? It brings that symbol back from your past. When someone pushed you in the water to teach you how to swim and you weren’t ready, even though you survived that event and you did swim, right?

Santino: I’ve been experiencing a recurring dream. I’ve had this dream 6-8 times in the past six (6) months. I’m entering an elevator, I get in and everything is normal. I click the floor and the elevator shoots up uncontrollably, then goes back down in the same fashion. Each time I’ve had the dream, I become less and less phased by the chaoticness. What’s your reading?

Dill: I know what the dream is. I know what it means. So elevators in our life, they’re usually in buildings, doctor’s offices. They’re in places of importance. Whether that’s a business office or a doctor’s office, it’s usually something serious. They take us to our destinations, whether it’s up or down.

The speed at which it goes is uncontrollable to you. So there’s some anxiety surrounding your life now, what the elevator represents to you, and where it is taking you. I feel confident to say it’s something to do with your pursuit and journey in life, with your business/work.

You mentioned earlier that you changed jobs. You worked with athletics. Now you work with an agency. You said you constantly questioned what you were doing such as saying to yourself, “Why am I waking up at 6 a.m.?”

So, whether it’s this business, whether it’s the routine you’re in right now, this seems like a significant theme in your life.

If we want to talk about status, you are elevating your status. You are elevating yourself.

You were going on a journey somewhere and some part of you feels anxious about it. I don’t know if it’s the anticipation. I don’t know if it’s the lack of patience.

So that’s why the elevator’s going so fast up here. It follows the natural rhythm of life because it’s not always going up. Sometimes it drops down.

It’s the ebbs and flow of life, and your subconscious is trying to communicate that to you. So I wouldn’t say this is a dream signifying a change. I would say this is a dream, a processing dream of acceptance.

Because what’s fascinating about the dream you had where you and your friend got off. It’s a journey of life.

Let go of the full control of life because I mean, essentially, you’re just getting on pressing the button of where you want to go and hanging on for the ride. You’re anticipating it as being so scary.

But let’s also give some props to you. You’ve had this dream 6 to 8 times now. And one time we know for sure you got off and you were okay and you were with someone who was in the same stage of life that you’ve already been through or has been in to each time you have this dream

I think your subconscious is hitting you repeatedly with the symbology because not only is it rewarding you but you are learning and adapting and accepting of this.

Process and my journey of what’s happened.

Yeah, it’s also showing you that eventually you’re not going to be startled by it anymore.

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