Six (6) Places To Meet Guys In Your 20s (Dating Advice)

The idea of dating in your 20s can be a bit daunting at first. Away from meeting boys in the halls of your high school, to chatting up guys at your college social events, meeting guys in your 20s can seem like a tall order. Especially if you’re someone that is looking for a specific kind of person (nothing wrong with being picky, okay!).

So, where exactly do you meet guys in your 20s? There’s always the off-chance you’ll have a meet-cute in a coffee shop, or in a shopping mall, but if we’re being honest: the chances of meeting someone spontaneously are slim-to-none.

However, there are a ton of places to meet people in your 20s. And maybe there, you can find a man to spend time with. Without further ado, here are some of the best places to meet guys in your 20s.

1. Online dating

Save the moans and groans, please! Online dating is an extremely popular choice when it comes to meeting guys in their 20s. After all, Mr. Right isn’t just going to show up on your doorstep. Sometimes, it’s up to us to take matters into our own hands and go for it.

What’s great about dating apps is that you’re able to filter people based on what you’re looking for. That way, you can save yourself the hassle of dating people that you might not politically align with, or people that just aren’t your cup of tea. The best part? There are a ton of people in their 20s signing up for dating apps every day! Whether you’re just looking for a hookup, or ready for something more serious, there’s bound to be someone on a dating app that’s perfect for you.

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2. Family, friends, coworkers

Sometimes, the best dates can be made through a mutual friend or connection. And, let’s be honest, between your friends, family, coworkers, or any other person in your life, they’re bound to know at least one single guy. And, who knows? Maybe he could be the one.

This isn’t to say that you should pressure your friends into setting them up with every single person they know. Rather, if your friend is looking to set you up with their cousin, coworker, or anyone else they know, be open to the idea. If you surround yourself with good people that care about you, they would rarely steer you wrong in terms of romance. Trust me.

If you’re looking for a change in your dating life, consider exploring the pros and cons of dating someone with a kid in your 20s. This type of relationship brings unique challenges and rewards that can offer a new and meaningful perspective on love and family.

3. Social media

For the socially savvy people out there, social media can prove to be a valuable tool when it comes to meeting guys. Ever seen a cute guy pop up on your feed? Maybe your friend posts a group photo with a hottie in it? Click on that tag, and hit them with a follow and a message. In the day and age of social media, sliding into the DMs has become a norm. So, use it.

Just be careful if you utilize social media to meet guys: only engage if you have mutuals, or you know him in some way or another. While social media is important (and helpful!), it can also be dangerous. After all, how can you continue your quest for love if you’re not around to experience it?!

4. Events

Leaving your apartment for some social time is a great way to meet guys in your 20s. Whether it’s going to a happy hour with friends or agreeing to be a plus one at a work event, getting out of your typical spaces and into somewhere new can be a great way to meet guys.

So, the next time you’re invited to a wedding, or go along with your friends to a work party, be open to the idea of meeting Mr. Right there. With so many people attending social events, there’s bound to be at least one single guy. And, who knows? Maybe he won’t be single for long after he has the chance to meet you.

5. Dog park

Animal lovers, unite! Meeting guys at the dog park can be a great way to find your pet (and yourself) a new playmate. While your 20s can be a time of amazing change, they can also be an extremely stressful time. And, for people with pets, heading to the dog park can be a much-needed relaxer—and a great place to find single animal lovers like yourself.

Not to mention, animals are fantastic conversation starters. Striking up a conversation with a cute guy at the dog park can be as simple as “Your dog is so cute! How old are they?” From there, you’ll be able to chat about a common interest before possibly delving into more personal topics.

6. The gym

While working out can be a great way to decompress in your 20s, it can also be a great way to meet guys. Especially ones that love fitness just as much as you.

At the gym, don’t be afraid to scope out some cuties in between reps. Once one catches your eye, avoid pouncing while they’re in the middle of a workout. Instead, wait to see when they take a break, walk to refill their water, and end their workout. From there, just offer a smile and a welcoming “hi!” With the common interest in working out, the conversation is bound to flow more than those post-workout protein shakes.

Meeting guys in your 20s can, sometimes, feel impossible. While the world is so vast, it can feel like guys are nowhere to be found. However, there are so many men in the world that are looking for a partner as well. And whether you meet them at the gym, dog park, or online, there are a variety of places just waiting to introduce you to someone special.

So, close the laptop and go get ‘em, tiger!

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